Rio Peshtemal GRAY
Rio Peshtemal GRAY
Rio Peshtemal GRAY

Rio Peshtemal GRAY

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It is woven with 1st class 100% cotton, dyed yarn. It has been pre-washed, no shrinkage or fading.

Thanks to the 1st class cotton yarn used in weaving, its softness, water absorbency and durability have been increased.

It is a specially designed product that you can use with pleasure on the beach and in the pool.

Colors do not fade and are durable. Peshtemal is a towel alternative product that you can use actively in your daily life.

It absorbs water quickly, takes up little space and dries fast. Alternative usage areas are bathrooms, spas, Turkish baths and gyms.

It can also be used for decorative purposes, as a cover and shawl.

Size: 100 x 180 cm

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