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Don't forget to say Şömentabla (Runner). In the production of a Şömentabla (Runner), there are many skilled housewives. Flannel fabrics are carefully cut and prepared by the skillful Housewives of our region. Suzani embroidery is embroidered on the fabric with a machine, without a template, by a master. Suzani embroidery is a craft in itself and requires a lot of attention and dexterity.

Main Fabric: 100% Cotton Washed Fabric

Edge Fabric: Flannel Fabric

Size: 50 x 130 cm

Washing Instructions: Do not hand wash. Wash at 30°C and on a low cycle, on a delicate short program. Never use bleach.

We would like to thank you for the support you have given to local handicraft products with this shopping and wish you a good day.

Wellstil Family

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