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Don't forget to say Şömentabla (Runner). In the production of a Şömentabla (Runner), there are many skilled housewives. The middle laces are carefully knitted by the skillful Housewives of our region. Lase embroidery was embroidered directly on the linen fabric by machine, without a template, by a master. Lase embroidery is a craft in itself and requires a lot of attention and dexterity. The tip puffs are completely handcrafted.

Fabric: Linen and Cotton blend.

Size: 50 x 130 cm

Washing Instructions: Do not hand wash. Wash at 30°C and on a low cycle, on a delicate short program. Never use bleach.

We would like to thank you for the support you have given to local handicraft products with this shopping and wish you a good day.

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