What is Duck Fabric? What are the Duck Fabric Properties?

Duck fabric, which is frequently used in home textiles with its many types and patterns, also stands out in different areas. It is one of the fabrics that has been researched a lot, especially on the internet recently. So, what is duck fabric ? What are the duck fabric features? Here are the details.

Many people wonder where and how the duck fabric type is used. At the same time, along with its features, price and many similar information are also researched on the internet.

What is Duck Fabric?

In general, the types of fabrics that produce as a mixture of cotton and polyester are called duck fabric. It is also known as duck cloth or duck linen. However, in general, it is the same product and shows the same features.

This fabric cloth, which has a high cotton rate, is prepared on 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Thus, it is possible to say that both cotton and polyester provide privileges with many different properties. It is among the fabric types that stand out especially with its ease of use.

What are the Duck Fabric Properties?

With its many different features, duck fabric is among the most important fabric types that are widely used. Thus, it is used in areas such as cushions and seat covers, together with tablecloths or seat covers.

- The price is reasonable.
- It has a thick structure.
- Provides many different kinds of colors and patterns.
- Resistant to water and stains.
- Easily machine washable.
- It has the feature of breathing.
- It's comfortable.

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