Buldan bezi nedir ?

What is a Buldan cloth?

Buldan Diaper and its properties
With its healthy texture and durability, Buldan Cloth has been used in Anatolia for centuries. Since it is 100% cotton, it is a healthy product that does not sweat and does not have allergic properties. It is a trill product, it provides extra comfort in summer, it is like air-conditioned, it is comfortable, it is of high quality, in short, it is an ideal product for comfortable wear. There is no risk of sticking to the body in the combed cotton you wear and getting sick as a result. Cloth pieces found in archaeological excavations in Çatalhöyük, Buldan Cloth Ibn Batuta, the great traveler of the Middle Ages, mentions Buldan Cloth in his writings in the 14th century:
“There, gold embroidered fabric is produced from cotton, which has no other example. Weaving is long-lasting due to the strong spun of quality cotton. This fabric is named after the waist.” The fabric that Ibn Batuta calls "waist" is none other than Buldan Cloth. Fabric is also procured from Buldan during the Ottoman period. Many historical figures have items woven with Buldan Cloth. Ertuğrul Gazi's underwear, Barbaros' shawl, Sultan Genç Osman's shirt were woven in Buldan. The patterns on Buldan cloths are taken from nature, geometric and lively. Red, yellow and white colors dominate weaving.
After 1779, weaving gained momentum in Buldan. The fact that Buldan was a district and the development of weaving techniques were effective in this. During this period, headscarves, loincloths, bed sheets and Buldan cloth were produced in Buldan.
After the 1950s, motorized benches began to be used.
Today, Buldan cloths, which are woven with the latest developments in technology, are used in all kinds of clothes such as shirts, blouses, skirts, thanks to their healthy texture and durability, as well as being a cover and fabric.
Buldan cloth continues to be woven in almost every home and workshop in Denizli Buldan.
Features of Buldan cloth
- Buldan cloth absorbs body sweat completely because it is woven from cotton fabric. It is anti-allergic. Keeps warm in winter and cool in summer.
- Buldan cloth is healthy and durable due to the weaving technique and the dyes used.
- Since the original Buldan cloth is woven with curly yarn, the fabric is also called "cress".
How does it touch?
Before the Buldan cloth is woven, the cotton is subjected to a process called “raw”. Then the painting process is done. The dyeing process is very important in the quality of Buldan cloth. Natural dyes made from walnut leaves, licorice root, thuja, laurel, acorn, onion peel, chestnut and chervil are used for dyeing.
After the yarns are dyed, they are dried. It is wound on coils. In the final stage, it is woven on hand or machine looms.
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